What Makes Us Different

    • Boutique local DME provider who is one of the Medicare Competitive Bid winners.

N2 Homecare (Blue Note Partners, LLC) is one of a handful of companies who are Medicare bid winners,
selected by the federal government to provide respiratory medical equipment to Medicare recipients in the
greater San Francisco California and Las Vegas Nevada areas.

Most of the other bid winners are large, national companies who have chosen to cut patient care services in
order to cut costs.

    • Focus on patient care service excellence

As one of the few smaller, local companies chosen, we are committed to providing service the old fashioned way: caring and knowledgeable service technicians who will spend quality time with patient on a one-on-one basis. We decided to solidify our patient care service while streamlining our operational and administrative process.

    • Only use “brand name” equipment, including portable and stationary concentrators. No Tanks

We use only top quality equipment, including PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS and PAP EQUIPMENT,from the major manufacturers for sleep and respiratory equipment- Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Resmart and Resmed.

PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS are part of our STANDARD setup (over tanks) for patients that require continuous oxygen for the following reasons:

    - Tanks only last a finite period of time

    - Tanks carry and inherited danger of being combustible

    - Tanks are NOT permitted on airplanes and are a hassle when traveling

    - Concentrators ARE Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved

    - Concentrators have an elongated battery life up to 8 hours with a single charge and the ability to

    - Concentrators when not in use are NOT FLAMABLE

    - No need for large storage or weekly deliver of tanks

    - No refills needed

Bottom Line - patients are more independent and free to engage in an active lifestyle with the use of a PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR

    • Strong patient and administrative support infrastructure

We believe that ongoing communication is the best way to ensure that the equipment is understood and used properly.

Our detailed oriented billing staff is well versed in the complexities of Medicare billing guidelines and requirements. We proactively work with your doctor and their administrative team to ensure prompt processing and approval.

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