Homecare Program Procedures and Services

The Homecare Program starts with a call from our Patient Setup Coordinator, which then introduces the patient to their very own Compliance Counselors after the initial CPAP set up. This call offers Basic CPAP Education, Technical Support, Machine Help and Maintenance as well as Compliance Counseling.
The first essential goal of this program is to enlighten the CPAP users regarding the nature of the machine and the adjustments that the use of the machine entails. It will first and foremost create an understanding as to why they need the CPAP therapy in the first place. Furthermore, the calls are made at different intervals in order to achieve a regular check up system and after the first month, our counselors and patients are on a first name basis in order to establish personal aid and support unique only to our Homecare Program.

Other Services
Our compliance team members will also cater to your maintenance needs as well as trouble shooting. If you have inquiries regarding your CPAP equipment, its care and other related information as well as warranties, our counselors will be available to aid you. Furthermore, while our counselors are trained in the field of CPAP therapies and Allied Medical Services, they are also highly trained in Dental Appliances.
  • Basic CPAP Education

    Our counselors will provide basic CPAP education in the first calls with the patient. This CPAP education touches on the basics of CPAP, its parts, installation and use as well as why there is the need to use it and how it actually works to relieve them from their sleeping disorders.
  • Technical Support

    The Technical Support aspect of the Homecare Program will take care of the inquiries of the patient. The inquiries may vary from the simplest of questions to the most complex ones involving the CPAP machine and its use. Our counselors may also provide trouble shooting help for the convenience of the patient.
  • Machine Maintenance

    The CPAP machine is a trusty and efficient device which helps relieve patients of their sleeping difficulties, however, just like every other machine, it is still in need of constant cleaning and maintenance. A part of our Homecare program is assisting our patients with the maintenance of these equipment, after all, everything is easier with live instructions.
  • Compliance Counseling

    And of course, our Homecare Program provides for an excellent Compliance Counseling – a feature unique only to N2Sleep. Our Compliance Counselors are well trained in this department in order to help you cope with the changes.

    The Why's and How's:

    Why is there a need for Counseling?
    Sleep care and sleep treatment will require a great change in your life. It will help you in relieving your sleeping difficulties but changes in your life as well as lifestyle adjustments are in order. We at N2Sleep understand these changes that you will need to undergo and that is why we have our Compliance Counselors to help you out. They will provide personal aid and support to assist you in coping with the changes and help you adjust accordingly.

    How is the Counseling done?
    Our Compliance Counselors are well educated and trained not only in counseling but also in Allied Medical Services. Rest assured that you are in good hands and that every call and touch up you receive from them will aid you in your adjustments.

The Compliance Team Members

Our Compliance Team is comprised of highly skilled and well trained counselors. They are available to offer their services and support in order to ensure your comfort and cater to your needs.

Our counselors have been trained and expertly educated in order to provide you with only the best possible aid and support.
  • Allied Medical Services

    Our counselors have been well trained and excellently educated, with a four year degree in the Allied Medical Services. They are well equipped with the knowledge and skills in order to effectively and efficiently aid you in your journey to sleep comfort and relief.

    Experience in the Allied Health Services field provides the counselors a different perspective in terms of patient care. In other words, your counselor is not only an expert in CPAP machines but since they are also nurses, respiratory therapists etc., they can bring a completely holistic interaction with the patient.
  • Compliance Counseling

    In order to create an understanding with your condition and your needs, our counselors have also been trained in the field of counseling so that they may provide you with the best support you will need.
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